Santa Pod Raceway
Drag Racing

FIA/FIM Main Event 2016
Fri 27th to Mon 30th May 2016

Santa Pod Racers Club Current Entry List
252 Entries. Click on photos to enlarge



CARS (Observed runs = O)
No Competitor Home Town Vehicle Car Name Engine D V C
Jet Car (2)
3 Martin Hill Podington Jet Funny Car FireForce 3 Jet Martin Hill Martin Hill
5 Martin Hill Podington Jet Dragster FireForce 5 Jet Martin Hill Martin Hill
Top Fuel Dragster (8)
1 Mikael Kågered Sweden Dragster 500ci Mikael Kågered Mikael Kågered
2 Anita Mäkelä Finland Dragster 500ci Anita Mäkelä Anita Mäkelä
4 Liam Jones Hull Dragster 500ci Liam Jones Liam Jones
8 Stefan Gunnarsson Sweden Dragster 500ci Stefan Gunnarsson Stefan Gunnarsson
111 Urs Erbacher Switzerland Dragster 500ci Urs Erbacher Urs Erbacher
802 Stig Neergaard Denmark Dragster 500ci Stig Neergaard Stig Neergaard
861 Björn Mårtensson Sweden ME Racing TF 499ci Björn Mårtensson Björn Mårtensson
4250 Steve Ashdown Welling Dragster The Undertaker 500ci Steve Ashdown Steve Ashdown
European Funny Car Series (3)
1 Kevin Kent Higham Ferrers Ford Mustang West Ten Motorsport 500ci Kevin Kent
527 Gordon Smith Hailsham Dodge Stratus Shockwave 500ci Gordon Smith
1832 Patrik Pers Sweden Dodge Stratus Speed Ghost 500ci Patrik Pers
Top Methanol Dragster (4)
3 Jonny Lagg Sweden KJR Dragster Bae 433ci Jonny Lagg
4 Dave Wilson Farnborough Dragster 421ci Dave Wilson
377 Christopher Polidano Malta Spitzer Dragster Kalanc 433ci Christopher Polidano
3077 Rod Harrison Manea Mike Bos Dragster 471ci Rod Harrison
Top Methanol Funny Car (1)
271 Stephanie Milam Sussex Dodge Avenger She Devil 526ci Stephanie Milam
Pro Modified (22)
1 Michael Gullqvist Sweden Chevrolet Camaro 521ci Michael Gullqvist
2 Mats Eriksson Sweden Ford Crown Victoria Green Goblin 521ci Mats Eriksson
3 Bruno Bader Switzerland Chevrolet Corvette Gotham City 526ci Bruno Bader
12 Jean Dulamon France Chevrolet Camaro Bad Apple 855ci Jean Dulamon
38 Philip Englefield Dorking UK 1938 Ford Coupe The Hot Rod 521ci Philip Englefield
67 David Vegter Netherlands 67 Chevrolet Camaro 521ci David Vegter
70 Chris Isaacs Potters Bar Plymouth Duster Isaacs & Tramm Racing 521ci Chris Isaacs
200 Andy Robinson Turgis Green Chevrolet Camaro 521ci Andy Robinson
222 Marck Harteveld Netherlands Plymouth Superbird Voodoo Hemi Racing 526ci Marck Harteveld
427 Roger Johansson Sweden Ford Mustang 903ci Roger Johansson
480 Roger Moore Chelmsford Dodge Viper Shakespeare Engineering 728ci Roger Moore
606 Kevin Slyfield Verwood 1957 Ford Thunderbird Blown Bird 521ci Kevin Slyfield
633 Roland Bolleter Switzerland Chevrolet Corvette 903ci Roland Bolleter
700 Thomas Stiefel Switzerland 57 Chevrolet Bel Air Hawaiian Tropic 521ci Thomas Stiefel
777 Wayne Nicholson Ossett Chevrolet Corvette Lucky Devil 521ci Wayne Nicholson
1941 Rick Garrett Epsom Willy's Coupe 740ci Rick Garrett
1968 Mick Payne West Malling Chevy Camaro 521ci Mick Payne
1971 Michel Tooren Netherlands Plymouth Barracuda Pro Dutch Racing 526ci Michel Tooren
2208 Husain Al Shammari Kuwait Dodge Avenger Lucas Oil 526ci Husain Al Shammari
3391 Johan Lindberg Sweden 1951 Chevrolet Coupe The Old 51 526ci Johan Lindberg
3619 Marcus Hilt Switzerland Chevrolet Corvette Punisher 521ci Marcus Hilt
3630 Norbert Kuno Germany Dodge Avenger II Lucas Oil 521ci Norbert Kuno
Pro Stock (6)
1 Thomas Lindström Sweden Dodge Stratus DK Lyft Stratus 500ci Thomas Lindström
2 Jimmy Ålund Sweden Chevrolet Camaro Summit Racing 500ci Jimmy Ålund
3 Michael Malmgren Sweden Pontiac GXP 499ci Michael Malmgren
4 Magnus Petersson Sweden Pontiac GTO 500ci Magnus Petersson
86 Bengt Ljungdahl Sweden Chevrolet Camaro 500ci Bengt Ljungdahl
4827 Stefan Ernryd Sweden Dodge Dart 2015 Ernyrd Cars Racing 500ci Stefan Ernryd
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator (12)
3 Stuart Williams Teignmouth Toyota Supra CarmaSupra 2997cc Stuart Williams
33 David Murdoch Larkhill Willys Coupe Team Willys 600ci David Murdoch
54 Carl Goldsmith Ivychurch VW Golf MKII 1781cc Carl Goldsmith
333 Alan Williamson Stourbridge Chevrolet Pick-Up Howlin Hauler 540ci Alan Williamson
436 Nigel Hale Burton Latimer Chevrolet C30 Pick Up Redneck Racing 9500cc Nigel Hale
479 Matt Smith Ipswich Nissan GTR R35 Team Extreme Racing 427ci Matt Smith
507 Jon Webster Rushden Mercury Comet 377ci Jon Webster
528 Nick Hale Long Lawford Mercedes 280CE Redneck Racing 7100cc Nick Hale
537 Martin Smith Ipswich Bentley Continental Team Extreme Racing 615ci Martin Smith
543 Mark Sheridan Windlesham Plymouth Cuda MPH Racing 572ci Mark Sheridan
677 Gary Gooding Ipswich Toyota Supra Team Extreme Racing 3397cc Gary Gooding
8000 Jonny Smith Uffington Enfield 8000 Jonny's Flux Capacitor Electr Jonny Smith
Comp Eliminator (7)
1 Robin Orthodoxou Hounslow Model T Altered UK Dump Truck Hire 632ci Robin Orthodoxou
55 Rob Smallworth Garston Chevrolet Bel Air 522ci Rob Smallworth
95 Belinda Bull Colchester Chevrolet S10 Jeff Bull Race Engines 760ci Belinda Bull
176 Kevin Perkins Basildon Oldsmobile Cutlass Soul Man 460ci Kevin Perkins
194 Michael Oates Odell Slingshot Dragster Fiddle Head 383ci Michael Oates
490 Andy Frost Wolverhampton Vauxhall VX4/90FD Red Victor 3 540ci Andy Frost
823 Stefan Winter Switzerland Mercedes SL300 6900cc Stefan Winter
Super Comp (18)
1 Stuart Doignie Abington Vale Vauxhall VX4/90 FD 00 Heaven 582ci Stuart Doignie
3 Peter Creswell Sharnbrook 1965 Mustang Fastback The Full Monty 533ci Peter Creswell
4 Paul Watson Leigh On Sea Chevrolet Camaro Watson Motorsport 632ci Paul Watson
24 Paul Letchford Abbots Langley Ford 27T RCCS Roadster 377ci Paul Letchford
25 Paul Brown Bedford Dragster Shorty 414ci Paul Brown
33 Eric Roerade Netherlands Chevrolet Nova Monster Nova 555ci Eric Roerade
55 Ronald Huis Netherlands Chevrolet Wagon House Bros Racing 540ci Ronald Huis
67 Nicky Frost Rochford Chevrolet Camaro Money for Nothi'n' 584ci Nicky Frost
69 Jon Morton Benson 69 Chevrolet Camaro No Hair 565ci Jon Morton
90 Billy Gane Chelmsford Vauxhall Victor Billy Gane Racing 662ci Billy Gane
151 Paul Hudson Chesterfield Chevrolet Camaro Money Pit 555ci Paul Hudson
323 Philip Bennett Milton Keynes Dragster 355ci Philip Bennett
424 Jon Giles Frimley Green Willy's Coupe Roar Willy's 598ci Jon Giles
603 Richard Webb Essex VW Beetle Cabrio 2560cc Richard Webb
777 Jeremy Prince Netherlands Chevrolet Truck The Bunker 672ci Jeremy Prince
1059 Conrad Stanley Chepstow Dragster 454ci Conrad Stanley
1938 Dave Day Goring by Sea Chevrolet Roadster Double Trouble 555ci Dave Day
1969 Colin Morrice Linton Chevrolet Camaro Morrice Boys Racing 540ci Colin Morrice
Super Gas (9)
1 Stuart Doignie Northampton Vauxhall VX4/90 FD 00 Heaven 582ci Stuart Doignie
55 Ronald Huis Netherlands Chevrolet Handyman House Bros Racing 540ci Ronald Huis
70 Tim Moore Basingstoke Chevrolet Nova Tim's Toy 540ci Tim Moore
205 Bob Molden Leeds Peugeot 205 White Noise 410ci Bob Molden
424 Jon Giles Frimley Green 41 Willys Coupe Roar Willy's 598ci Jon Giles
512 Stevan Reffeltrath Netherlands Chevrolet Nova 461ci Stevan Reffeltrath
648 Jon Turner Aylesford Plymouth Barracuda Greenfish 512ci Jon Turner
777 Neil Hunter Chesterfield Ford Capri 7 Year Itch 446ci Neil Hunter
1969 Colin Morrice Linton Chevrolet Camaro Morrice Boys Racing 540ci Colin Morrice
Super Street (4)
79 Dave Cherrett Worcester Ford Model A Van Dark Revenger 493ci Dave Cherrett
252 Sara Unsworth Redcar Ford Mustang 281ci Sara Unsworth
569 Leigh Morris Nuneaton Jaguar 'E' Type Green With Envy 3800cc Leigh Morris
1956 Matthew Seamarks Rushden Ford 100E Gingerman 383ci Matthew Seamarks
Super Pro ET (39)
5 Ian Powell Redruth Dragster 383ci Ian Powell
7 Joe Kellett Bolton Dragster Drummin Man 540cc Joe Kellett
9 Team Atkinson Brackley Ford Cortina Estate Team Time is Money 540ci Team Atkinson
10 Peter Walters Somerset RW Dragster Reloaded 350ci Peter Walters
25 Lee Huxley Lower Broadheath 68 Ford Mustang Team Dark Horse 560ci Lee Huxley
28 Johan Oomen Netherlands Dodge Viper The Oomen 7328cc Johan Oomen
62 Marius Blackburn Roydon Altered Escape From Reality 468ci Marius Blackburn
76 Tom Van der Wijden Netherlands Chevrolet S10 Methness Motorsport 301ci Tom Van der Wijden
90 Billy Gane Chelmsford Vauxhall Victor Billy Gane Racing 662ci Billy Gane
99 Craig Wright Earls Barton Miller Dragster CW Motorsport/ PM Racing 477ci Craig Wright
154 Barry Giles Fareham Dragster S & K Racing 500ci Barry Giles
156 Roy Wilding Oldbury Dragster S & K Racing 506ci Roy Wilding
212 Paul Marston Romford PT Cruiser Paul Marston Racing 540ci Paul Marston
250 Nick Good Norfolk Dragster Lucas Oil 509ci Nick Good
315 Bob Doyle Essex Datsun 260Z Z Case 423ci Bob Doyle
327 James Draper Fobbing T Altered Reckless Rat 526ci James Draper
405 Bernard Saz France Citroen Traction Hotroen 600ci Bernard Saz
429 Rick Cooke Stroud Dragster Cookies Monster 498ci Rick Cooke
430 Roy Walker Wellingborough Vauxhall Ventora Race Ventora 555ci Roy Walker
453 Martyn Jones Southampton Dragster Another Small Fortune 452ci Martyn Jones
470 Brad Jackson York Dragster Lucas oil 565ci Brad Jackson
543 Jack Brewster Bournemouth Pontiac Firebird Just Mustard 582ci Jack Brewster
551 Mark Flavell East Rounton Pontiac Firebird Steel River Hot Rod 6816cc Mark Flavell
640 John Przbyl Peterborough Chromeworx Ultra Car Przym Paintworks 605ci John Przbyl
700 Phil Toppin Feltham Ford Model T Altered T Four One 555ci Phil Toppin
717 Laura Turburville Nottingham Bloodlines Dragster Bad Blood 555ci Laura Turburville
723 Gordon Northway Slough 73 Chevy Stepside The Mad Hatter 632ci Gordon Northway
777 Reiner Van Schelt Netherlands Chevrolet Truck The Bunker 672ci Reiner Van Schelt
782 David Russell Chiddingford Austin Marina Van The Van With No Name 540ci David Russell
793 David Evans Bacup Chevrolet Impala Doomsday 632ci David Evans
819 Chris Parker Beverley Dragster Windscreen Wizards 598ci Chris Parker
868 Peter Lane Oxford 1955 Chevrolet Ear Splitten Louden Bloomer 540ci Peter Lane
935 Wouter Van Leersum Netherlands 68 Chevy Camaro 541ci Wouter Van Leersum
944 Marc Henney Germany Dragster Ethanol Guzzler 620ci Marc Henney
947 Frank Wambach Germany VW Corrado 622ci Frank Wambach
953 Colin Millar Kinross Ford Pop The Flyin Fyfer 582ci Colin Millar
974 Rene Meirhofer Switzerland S&W Dragster Banana Racing Bunch 526ci Rene Meirhofer
984 Thomas Haas Switzerland Plymouth Valiant 588ci Thomas Haas
3001 Scott Hauser Finedon Dragster Bang Tidy 598ci Scott Hauser
Pro ET (36)
1 Brian Huxley Callow End Ford Mustang Team Dark Horse 560ci Brian Huxley
59 Laura Baynton West Sussex Ford Capri MKI Capricious 383ci Laura Baynton
64 Paul Herbert Yarnton VW Corrado Fantom 2800cc Paul Herbert
70 Carla Pittau Sweden 70 Chevrolet Camaro RS Heaven & Hell 434ci Carla Pittau
79 Dave Cherrett Worcester Ford Model A Van Dark Revenger 493ci Dave Cherrett
84 Rick McCann Sweden 1984 Chevy Camaro Heaven & Hell As Well 400ci Rick McCann
90 Rhiannon Bellenie Kent Dragster Bellenie Racing 1440cc Rhiannon Bellenie
118 Glenn Pallant Chelmsford Ford Consul Capri 476ci Glenn Pallant
165 Colin Felstead Banbury Ford Escort RS2000 466ci Colin Felstead
192 Lee Guy Aylesbury Ford Sierra Dat Fing 383ci Lee Guy
205 Bob Molden Leeds Peugeot 205 White Noise 410ci Bob Molden
212 Paul Marston Romford Chevrolet Monza 100% Whoopass 509ci Paul Marston
238 Shaun Hyde Lincolnshire VW Beetle Raging Roman 2100cc Shaun Hyde
252 Steven Unsworth Redcar Ford Mustang 281ci Steven Unsworth
256 Ethan Lisle New Hartley Mercury Comet The Back Up Car 524ci Ethan Lisle
281 David Crowhurst Cranbrook VW Beetle Black Wanger 2000cc David Crowhurst
314 Steven Hudson Hersham Ford 23T Altered In'Trevean'ous 383ci Steven Hudson
315 Nigel Green Scarborough VW Beetle 1303 Automanics Drag Race Team 2165cc Nigel Green
351 James Forster Higham Ferrers Ford Mustang 4 Star Fox 347ci James Forster
358 Simon Innes Raunds Plymouth Barracuda Plum Crazy Racing 493ci Simon Innes
450 Mark Bailey Luton Plymouth Barracuda 540ci Mark Bailey
495 Geoff Cowley Evesham Chevrolet Nova 540ci Geoff Cowley
542 Keith Herbert Uxbridge 64 Plymouth Sport Fury Mr Furyous 500ci Keith Herbert
569 Leigh Morris Nuneaton Jaguar 'E' Type Green With Envy 3200cc Leigh Morris
601 Al Platt Hyde Chevrolet Camaro Rainy City Racing 346ci Al Platt
608 Dan Williams Flore Chevrolet Chevelle Williams Bros Racing 396ci Dan Williams
626 Liz Malcolm Hemel Hempstead R/E Dragster Jus' 4 Fun 122ci Liz Malcolm
648 Jon Turner Aylesford Plymouth Barracuda Greenfish 512ci Jon Turner
649 Gino Bernadine Southall Ford Escort MK1 2000cc Gino Bernadine
735 Nic Williams Flore Chevrolet Camaro Williams Bros Racing 427ci Nic Williams
777 Neil Hunter Chesterfield Ford Capri 7 Year Itch 446ci Neil Hunter
795 Mike Lacey Evesham Chevrolet Camaro Metamorphosis 555ci Mike Lacey
804 Annie Wallace Bromham Ford Pop 355ci Annie Wallace
886 Tony Harter Halstead Ford Mustang Y Not Racing 598ci Tony Harter
888 David Nicol Coventry Toyota Dragster Bio Hazard 182ci David Nicol
2211 Karen Stevens Evesham Chevrolet Vega Lass Vega 502ci Karen Stevens
Junior Dragster (28)
1 Lottie Bradford Gnosall Dragster Przym Paintworks 350cc Lottie Bradford
3 Billy Everitt Welwyn Garden City Dragster Alien 480cc Billy Everitt
4 Saskia Fensome Jell Wollaston Dragster Fenny Racing / West Ten Motors 480cc Saskia Fensome Jell
5 Morgan Wilson East Ayton Dragster Miss- De- Meaner 480cc Morgan Wilson
6 Billy Ringer Peterborough Dragster Ghosthunter 298cc Billy Ringer
8 Thomas Cook-Abbott Flitwick Dragster The Tominator II 480cc Thomas Cook-Abbott
9 Bonnie Wallace Bedford Dragster 480cc Bonnie Wallace
11 Shannon Kiddell Tilbury Dragster Bad Attitude 515ci Shannon Kiddell
12 Aaron Fensome Wollaston Dragster Fenny Racing 515cc Aaron Fensome
14 Holley Marshall Rushden Dragster Highlander II 480cc Holley Marshall
15 Thaliah Gibb Romford Dragster Opel Fruit Racing Team 4G's 450cc Thaliah Gibb
16 Ruaridh Hart Wellingborough Dragster BHR Racing 350cc Ruaridh Hart
17 Matthew Dowdy Wootton Dragster OCS - Wootton Tyre & Exhaust 480cc Matthew Dowdy
19 Caitlin Wilson Scarborough Dragster Another- Miss- De- Meaner 350cc Caitlin Wilson
20 Dylan Thomas Bradley Rushden Dragster RS Repairs Highway 2 Hell 405cc Dylan Thomas Bradley
22 Kaitlin Deevey Finchley Dragster Miss Dynamite 350cc Kaitlin Deevey
23 Jordan Payne Chawston Dragster Sticky Situation 480cc Jordan Payne
25 Joe Holland-Villa Hurst Pier Point Dragster Pro Street Busa UK Joe Holland-Villa
29 Harley-Jay Darby Deal Dragster DKM Construction Harley-Jay Darby
33 Roman Sixta Czech Republic Dragster Monster 480cc Roman Sixta
34 Luke Mugridge Mytchett Dragster Mugridge Motorsport 206cc Luke Mugridge
35 Harry Redshaw Darlington Dragster Redshaw Racing 250cc Harry Redshaw
36 Adam Bentley Burton Upon Trent Dragster Bentley Fab Engineering 480cc Adam Bentley
37 Jack Gooding Ipswich Dragster Team Extreme 480cc Jack Gooding
39 Liam McDonald Ireland Dragster 206cc Liam McDonald
40 Daniel Weir Portsmouth Dragster 206cc Daniel Weir
148 Dominik Novak Czech Republic Dragster 350cc Dominik Novak
149 Sara Valesova Czech Republic Dragster 350cc Sara Valesova
BIKES (Observed runs = O)
No Competitor Home Town Vehicle Car Name Engine D V C
Top Fuel Bike (11)
1 Ian King Litlington Puma Yamaha Gulf Oil 1585cc Ian King
2 Richard Gustafsson Sweden Suzuki Funny Bike 1550cc Richard Gustafsson
3 Filippos Papafilippou Greece Suzuki Pro Extreme 300 Spartan Warriors PXM 1570cc Filippos Papafilippou
4 Steve Woollatt Garston PBR Top Fuel The Dealer 1327cc Steve Woollatt
7 Otto Knebl Czech Republic Puma Imperial Wizard 1313cc Otto Knebl
17 Lorcan Parnell Kings Lynn Yamaha Puma Storm 1500cc Lorcan Parnell
20 Eric Richard France Suzuki Hayabusa RK Drag Racing 1300cc Eric Richard
31 Glenn Borg Malta Suzuki General Lee 1327cc Glenn Borg
36 Rene van den Berg Netherlands Psycle Workz Shark Attack 1343cc Rene van den Berg
39 Stuart Crane Sheringham Suzuki GSX Warpspeed Racing 1640cc Stuart Crane
43 Dale Leeks Bury S Edmonds Suzuki Nitrous PM Warpspeed Racing 1640cc Dale Leeks
Supertwin Bike (7)
2 Ronny Aasen Norway Zodiac Harley Godfather VII 1680cc Ronny Aasen
11 Samu Kemppainen Finland Nitro V60 Carpino Super Twin 196ci Samu Kemppainen
34 Petr Ceska Czech Republic 2007 Fast Cat Fast Cat 2600cc Petr Ceska
35 Hans Olav Olstad Norway Puma Parallel Twin Thunderstruck 1686cc Hans Olav Olstad
48 Martijn de Haas Netherlands PRP 2900cc Martijn de Haas
62 Roman Sixta Czech Republic Nitro V60 3200cc Roman Sixta
99 Chris Hannam Shelf HRP Harley Lucas Oil 3200cc Chris Hannam
Pro Stock Bike (12)
1 Fredrik Fredlund Finland Suzuki 1755cc Fredrik Fredlund
2 Gert-Jan Laseur Netherlands Buell Eurol Buell 160ci Gert-Jan Laseur
4 Alex Hope Keyingham Suzuki Hayabusa Nimbus Motorsport 1755cc Alex Hope
10 Leonard Paget Totton Suzuki GSXR 1000 White Lightning 1755cc Leonard Paget
22 Martin Newbury Yaxley Suzuki TL1000 Psycleworkz 1655cc Martin Newbury
35 Chris Reed Southend-on-Sea Suzuki Hayabusa Hyena/Gipp Racing 1640cc Chris Reed
37 Patrick Kras Netherlands Buell Shark Attack 3000cc Patrick Kras
57 Martin Bishop Wilmington Suzuki TL1000R 1640cc Martin Bishop
58 Mark Smith Chandlers Ford Suzuki TL 1000R Warpspeed Racing 1655cc Mark Smith
75 Kenneth Holmberg Sweden TL 1000 Swecomposite 1755cc Kenneth Holmberg
111 Maurice Bertrand France Suzuki TLR 1655cc Maurice Bertrand
18 Ray Debben Ringwood Kawasaki ZX7R Ninja 1500cc Ray Debben
Super Street Bike (20)
1 Garry Bowe Aspartia Suzuki Hayabusa BTC Moto 1300cc Garry Bowe
2 Rick Stubbins Scunthorpe Suzuki Hayabusa Pro Tek Racing 1300cc Rick Stubbins
3 Steve Venables Meshpond Suzuki Hayabusa Ven Racing 1300cc Steve Venables
4 Mogens Lund Denmark Suzuki Hayabusa HMC Racing 1300cc Mogens Lund
5 Pete Field Hampton Suzuki On Board Power 1300cc Pete Field
6 Thomas Granica Germany Suzuki Hayabusa Team Joker 1300cc Thomas Granica
21 Jemma Venables Mesh Pond Suzuki Hayabusa Ven Racing 1300cc Jemma Venables
31 Mark Hope Thornton Suzuki Hayabusa Hope Racing 1300cc Mark Hope
47 Mark Wells Garswood Suzuki Team Mess Busa 1300cc Mark Wells
49 Richard Hann Yeovil Suzuki Mega-shed 1300cc Richard Hann
52 Graham Dance Wroxham Suzuki TL1000R BTC Moto/G Sign Suzuki 1425cc Graham Dance
54 Leif Larsson Sweden Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc Leif Larsson
61 Erich Gruber Austria Kawasaki ZX12R 1199cc Erich Gruber
68 Daniel Donat Lencses Hungary Suzuki Hayabusa Hungarian Bounty Hunter 1300cc Daniel Donat Lencses
75 Graham Balchin Winchester Kawasaki ZX12R 1200cc Graham Balchin
76 Kriztian Jasz Hungary Suzuki Hayabusa HBH 1300cc Kriztian Jasz
78 Eddy Smiley Belper Suzuki Hayabusa SP Racing 1216cc Eddy Smiley
83 Shaun Buttigieg Malta Suzuki Hayabusa Kalanc Racing 1300cc Shaun Buttigieg
148 Peter Adorjan Austria Honda Blackbird 1200cc Peter Adorjan
481 Rudi Zori Italy Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc Rudi Zori
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