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Drag Racing Classes

Like all forms of motorsports, Drag Racing is split into assorted categories to equalize performance. There are two major groups - the Professional and Sportsman racers. In professional racing two competitors race for the fastest time over a straight quarter mile run (1000 foot for Top Fuel) reaching breathtaking speeds of 300mph in under 4 seconds! In Sportsman racing a handicap system is used to provide close racing between cars in a timed bracket.

Pro Car Classes

Top FuelTop Fuel Dragsters
These cars run on Nitro Methane and can reach speeds of up to 300mph accelerating from 0 - 100mph in under one second!

FIA Drag Racing Championship

Funny CarFuel Funny Cars
These cars have the same engines as Top Fuel Dragsters and run Nitro Methane but have tilt-up carbon fiber bodies on a smaller chassis with the engine in front of the driver.

Funny Car Series

Top MethanolTop Methanol
Running on less expensive fuel but almost as fast as their nitro cousins and highly competitive. Dragsters and Funny Cars compete together.

FIA Drag Racing Championship

Pro ModifiedPro Modified Cars
Are the 200mph petrol (or methanol) burning 'fastest cars with doors!" showing the first signs of similarity to a street cars using bodies from the 40s to the present day. Visit website

FIA Drag Racing Championship   Motorsport UK

Pro StockPro Stock Cars
Petrol-burning doorslammers with very tight sets of rules governing appearance and specifications. Cars closely resemble production models, but are capable of hitting 6-second passes on the track!

FIA Drag Racing Championship

Sportsman Car Classes

Street EliminatorStreet Eliminator
These cars must be completely road legal with treaded tyres and MOT, part of qualification requires a drive on the road to prove this. The top cars can run 7 seconds!

Nostalgia Funny Car Nostalgia Funny Car 
Funny Cars with classic body styles replicating the golden age of drag racing.

Nostalgia Funny Car

Comp Eliminator Comp Eliminator 
A heads up (No Breakout) class where different types of cars run to different indexes. Classes for all body styles, chassis options and induction types.

Outlaw Anglia Outlaw Anglia 
Heads up racing from Ford Anglias that maintain the integrity of the original 1940s vehicles, but with the addition of modern drag racing technology.

Outlaw Anglia

Wild BunchWild Bunch
Nostalgia slingshots, altereds and dragsters.

Super CompSuper Comp
Allows full bodied cars and dragsters running in the 8.90 sec index.

Super GasSuper Gas
Comprises mostly full bodied cars running in the 9.90 index. A well established class with high entries producing competitive and tactical racing.

Super Street Super Street 
Full-bodied cars running to the 10.90 second index.

Super Pro ETSuper Pro ET
Cars and dragsters running to indexes between 6.00 and 8.99 seconds.

Super Pro ET

Pro ET Pro ET 
Cars and dragsters with a bracket of 9-11.99 seconds.

Sportsman ETSportsman ET
Includes a mixture of vehicles running 12 seconds or slower. This is the entry level class for car racing.

Junior Dragsters Junior Dragsters 
Offering 8-17 year olds the chance to race with the grown-ups!

FWD Drag SeriesFWD Drag Series
Heads up front wheel drive drag racing with most cars running 9s or 10s.

FWD Drag Series

Outlaw Flat FourOutlaw Flat Four
Heads up drag racing. Cars do not have to be VW but must have a flat four engine.

Outlaw Flat Four

VW ProVW Pro
Top-level VW only drag racing with dial-your-own-ET of 12.99 seconds or under.


VW SportsmanVW Sportsman
Entry-level VW only drag racing with dial-your-own-ET of over 12.99 seconds.


Nostalgia SuperstockNostalgia Superstock
A class dedicated to the memory of the old school Amercan Muscle car racers of the 60’s & 70’s running Dial In racing for pre-1980 cars only. Entries must run 15 seconds or quicker, no power adders permitted.

RWYBRWYB - Run What Ya Brung
The grass roots of the sport and training ground for all drag racers. Most start by taking part in public Run What Ya Brung (RWYB) track days in their own vehicle. Santa Pod holds RWYB days throughout the season.

Run What Ya Brung

Pro Bike Classes

Top Fuel BikeTop Fuel Bike
A combination of Top Fuel Bikes and Funny Bikes. The Top Fuel Bikes are mostly 4 cylinder motors producing 1000 bhp and are capable of running low 6 seconds at 220 mph plus. Funny Bikes are lighter, more nimble and can be built with a turbo, nitrous oxide or run on alcohol fuels.

FIM Europe

Super TwinSuper Twin
This hugely popular category is also an "anything goes" class, with the sole restriction being that the machine has a maximum of two cylinders. That means nitromethane, fuel injection and supercharging are in, as are thundering, awe-inspiring high six second 200mph performances. 

FIM Europe

Pro Stock Bike Pro Stock Bike 
These bikes are built to very tightly controlled regs helping to ensure that the emphasis is on rider skill and tuning expertise - the key to their lightning reactions, mid to high seven second ETs and ultra competitive racing.

FIM Europe

Super Street Bike Super Street Bike 
Stretched out bikes with no wheelie bars and treaded tyres. These bikes sport big turbo or nitrous conversions.

FIM Europe

Sportsman Bike Classes

Funny Bike Funny Bike 
Must resemble a road going bike but have in force no engine or fuel restrictions. Can run high 6s at around 200mph.

Competition Bike Competition Bike 
Almost anything goes in this class, generally running 7s and 8s.

8.50 Bike8.50 Bike
Highly modified street bikes running to the 8.50 index.

9.50 Bike9.50 Bike
These bikes are ridden to a 9.50 second index. A sniff of nitrous and some chassis mods help many competitors.

Junior Bike Junior Bike 
Junior bike class.

ET BikeET Bike
A dial in class with a mix of road-legal and full on race bikes, running to a low ET of 8.70 seconds.

SuperTwins Top Gas SuperTwins Top Gas 
Heads up class for twin cylinder motorcycles.



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