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Flame & Thunder 2013

Saturday 26th October

Stunts & Drag Racing Family Firework Spectacular

Flame & Thunder 2013 Report

  Flame & Thunder

Flame & Thunder is always a fitting finale to the Santa Pod season and 2014 was certainly a show to remember. Despite some dodgy forecasts and a couple of showers, the track was up and running throughout the day and featured many highlights. Chris Andrews and Barry Sheavills both put in a couple of stella runs in their top fuel dragsters and Dave Wilson ran a stout 5.8 in his Top Methanol Dragster. Undoubtedly, one of the runs to remember was from Andrey Kravchenko who set a new world record in his AWD Nissan Skyline and he came all the way from the Ukraine to do so, and I’m sure they’ll agree the trip was definitely worth it resulting in a 7.43.

Elsewhere on site there was everything from supercars, steam engines, BMX shows and even a special guest appearance from none other than Chesney Hawkes. I bet Barry Sheavills never thought he’d be firing up a top fuel car with Chesney Hawkes playing in the background! The monsterous bonfire was lit by Andrew Pleszko in his Jet Mini who had it going in no time and the parachutists dropped in with unbelievable precision considering the high winds.

The Live Action Arena was jam packed with action all day long and it wasn’t short of drama’s with mishaps from both Podzilla and the human cannonball. Regardless, the crowd was certainly kept entertained all day long. Right through until the finale which featured an amazing night show from team maximum lock, followed by jet car and fireworks display and then Terry Grant & Lee Bowers show before the monster trucks lit up the darkness.

All in all, it was a great day out with something for everyone so we hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next year. If you can’t wait that long, we have Fireworks Frenzy taking place next Saturday 2nd November with one last blast for the year from Podzilla, a couple of jet mini’s, stuntman Stannage, Lee Bowers and more – oh, and of course another humongous bonfire and fireworks display.

Flame & Thunder 2013 WebTV Show

Flame & Thunder 2013 Gallery

View a gallery of photos from Flame & Thunder below or view the photos on the Flame & Thunder Facebook album.

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